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    Business Intelligence Solutions

    In today’s modern world, businesses are trying to find ways to stay competitive. Obtaining an edge over competitors requires leveraging data to make critical decisions. Businesses have massive amounts of data that they can use to their advantage and need to understand how to stay ahead of the game. So, why is business intelligence important and how can it help your business derive value from your data?

    Business intelligence allows small, medium and large businesses to make better decisions by creatively collecting, transforming, analysing and visualising data. This will turn the data your business manages into useful information that can optimise decision making and create outcomes that drive profitability, innovation and enhance performance.

    Here are the top reasons why business intelligence is critical and how Ager Consulting is able to assist your business to:

    • Improve timeliness and quality of decision making through improved data
    • Increase efficiency of your business operations
    • Improve reporting and monitoring capabilities
    • Provide a structured way for growing revenue
    • Gain actionable insights
    • Understand your customers better
    • Boost business operations visibility
    • Improve data quality
    • Improve data security
    • Increase revenue
    • Increase competitive advantage over other players in the industry, including larger businesses
    • Align your organisation towards common business objectives through improved data collection
    • Improved management of data to inform business understanding and minimise risks
    • Powerful decision making and analytical insight
    • Access real-time data
    • Stronger marketing
    • Identifying market trends
    • Improve efficiency
    • Improve compliance
    • Enhance customer service

    How Ager Consulting can help your business

    We will implement a world class state-of-the-art solution within your business to help improve your business intelligence capability. Using the latest Microsoft platforms such as Power BI, Azure SQL, Synapse, Azure Data Factory and Databricks, we can transform your business and bring you into the 21st century!

    For more information about how Ager Consulting can help your with your business intelligence needs, please contact one of our friendly staff using the contacts page here.

    A consultancy firm that understands

    Ager Consulting is able to assist you to achieve this by:

    • Simplifying data access and sharing
    • Create decision making systems
    • Providing greater business insight through analytics and data visualisation tools

    This is accomplished through visualization applications for creating infographics, designing charts, dashboards, as well as performance scorecards.