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    A client required the build of an onsite SQL data-warehouse, accompanied by a cloud-based interactive reporting solution with data from multiple sources to be loaded and cleansed daily. The client also requested for Ager Consulting to review their current data arrangements and offer options of what software would be best utilised and cost effective.

    Key areas of focus:

    • Liaise with the ICT team and stakeholders to determine where data is stored, how often data is refreshed and to gain access to the relevant data sets
    • Offer recommendations on which self-service cloud-based analytics and visualisation tool would be most appropriate
    • Build a onsite SQL data-warehouse to load data from multiple source systems into a centralised location and cleanse data daily ready for analysis
    • Build data quality checks into the SQL data-warehouse, with a view of changing organisational culture with regards to data quality


    Ager Consulting recommended using Power BI as the cloud-based analytics and visualisation tool as it has all the necessary functionality required to deliver the final solution and it is also the most cost effective of all the tools that were reviewed. An SQL data-warehouse was built using a combination of T-SQL code and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages that loaded and cleansed activity, finance and human resources data daily with an overnight refresh. An executive committee, which Ager Consulting was invited to join to provide consultancy, agreed on a set of business rules and KPIs which defined how the visualisations and reporting were to be built. This created a central source of truth for reporting and the business rules were incorporated into the SQL data-warehouse. As part of Ager Consulting’s product range of pre-built Power BI reports, the client had purchased the full set of reports, which Ager Consulting tailored to suit the exact requirements of the clients reporting needs. Using a Microsoft Power BI data gateway, data is securely loaded from the client’s onsite SQL data-warehouse into the cloud-based deployed Power BI reports.



    The client now has cloud-based dashboards and self-service analytical Power BI reports which are available via tablets and mobile devices for all executives and managers within the organisation. Data is refreshed overnight to provide up-to-date information available for the executives at their fingertips. Ager Consulting has taken the client from a low-level data and reporting maturity to world-class interactive cloud-based reporting in only 7 months. The client is extremely happy with the solution that Ager Consulting delivered and the solution was delivered within budget for the organisation.