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    A client required Ager Consulting to analyse business demand using actual data to forecast where an allocated budget should be spent to deliver services. The client required existing data in a SQL data-warehouse to be visualised with the ability to “slice and dice” the data.

    Key areas of focus were:

    • Liaise with key business contacts to identify how to extract data
    • Model data using SQL views to feed into the report
    • Use actual data to “forecast” future demand
    • Create interactive reports using filters and slicers


    After carefully reviewing the client’s requirements, and recommended that Power BI was suitable for the client’s needs. Six weeks was allocated for this piece of work. Since the data was already in an SQL data-warehouse, SQL views could be written which would model the data to load into Power BI. As the data-warehouse updates, the SQL views also update and data can be loaded into Power BI over night. This piece of work was completed in three weeks. With the remaining time allocated, Ager Consulting provided additional operational reports that could be used by staff, managers and executives to deep dive into data and also monitor KPIs whilst having the ability to “slice and dice” the data.



    The client was extremely happy that the initial project was delivered within half of the allocated time frame and also that more reports where provided, which were of huge importance. The client requested another project to analyse data for a specific area where they needed to identify trends and patterns in data.