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    Pre-built data warehouse and reporting solution for your Health Service

    Ager Consulting offers a pre-built SQL Server data warehouse and Power BI reporting solution for hospitals and health services within Australia. The solution extracts data from source systems such as IPM, Oracle, UNITI and RosterOn, and has been designed using the Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) PRISM report business rules. We have worked in partnership with a Victorian health service to develop the solution, which can be securely implemented both on-premise or within the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. The solution is flexible to be able to add new modules and reports, and also extract data from more source systems. Due to the pre-built nature of the solution, it can be implemented in a matter of weeks, transforming your health service’s data maturity within a very short time period. The following reports and modules are included within the solution:

    • Elective Surgery Waiting List
    • Finance
    • Inpatients
    • IPM Community
    • Outpatient Waiting List
    • Outpatients
    • Roster On
    • Theatres
    • UNITI Community
    • Urgent Care

    Key areas of analysis include:

    • Record-level PRISM analysis
    • Department of Health KPI targets
    • Geospatial analysis by Postcode, LGA and VIFSA
    • Unplanned Urgent Care representations
    • Theatre Turnaround Time
    • Elective Surgery & Outpatient Waiting List (Traffic light management system)
    • Finance Expenditure vs Budget
    • Roster On Mandatory Training
    • Inpatient WIES, Length of Stay and Bed Days
    • Outpatient DNA and Cancellation rates

    Below are a selection of demonstration versions of the Power BI reports. Please note that these reports use ‘demo’ data only. To request a presentation of the full version of the reports to you and your Executive Team, please contact us at to schedule a Microsoft Teams demonstration.